Wednesday, 18 May 2011


The last training session before Göteborgsvarvet was short. Way too short. I ran in my VFF, planning on running on a relatively flat tarmac route. Oh, the freedom of being a lone runner early on a Wednesday morning. I get to change my mind and my route as I please.

Seeing as there was so much morning traffic and noise along the road, I swerved to the left after just one kilometre and up the long hill towards the woods. I routinely avoid this hill, because it is several hundred meters long, and, at its top, steep. Today, though, it was a piece of cake. I want to attribute it to my VFF, forcing me to run with better technique and being so light. That, and running at 6 min/km.

The woods were like an oasis, after the jarring cacophony of traffic. I was met with bird song and the breeze in the crowns of the trees. I was alone, but for a few people walking their dogs or running. I welcomed the solitude. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of work and other worries, and there's nothing like a run in the woods to make me feel better. I turned towards the lake and caught the reflection of the sun on the water among the trees. It was magic.

Even if I don't intend to aim for a personal best at the race on Saturday, I still somehow manage to get all tangled up in the pre-race routine, tapering the days before and taking it easy. So I left the cornucopia of the forest behind and headed home, arriving after only 6 km, still hungry, still troubled.

Way too short.


  1. Ta för tusan på dig något färgglatt så jag ser dig på lördag haha! Jag står på din högra sida vid kolonistugoprna och sedan på höger sida om upploppet! Heja heja!

  2. Good Luck on Saturday! I'll look forward to an update

  3. AKA: Jag kommer att ha löparkjol på mig, det kan inte vara så många som har det. Annars kan du alltid leta efter den sista i gruppen ;)

    Nikki: Thanks!