Friday, 20 May 2011

Dude. Get serious already.

It's kind of funny. I've known now for a couple of weeks that I'll be running Göteborgsvarvet tomorrow. But I haven't really known. It hadn't sunk in, not until today.

Work and other stuff have been keeping my mind distracted from the race. I only first started realising the magnitude of this thing yesterday. When I saw the endless queue of cars outside the race centre. The expo. The signs in the street warning the public that roads will be closed off during the event. The traffic cones directing the cars to the parking lot. The blue line running through Gothenburg. The headlines in the paper. People asking me what my bib number is so that they can keep track of my progress.

And suddenly, when the work week is over and the mind has time to deal with other things, it all becomes very, very real. I don't have a racing plan! Should I have a plan? Aren't I supposed to be drinking lots of water today? What clothes am I going to wear? Will I freeze to death before the start? Or will it be too warm? What time do I have to be there? What bus do I have to take? Is there a chance for a sub 2-hour finishing time, when I'll most likely have to elbow my way forward in the crowd? WILL I BE ABLE TO SLEEP TONIGHT?!

What kind of serious runner hasn't got all that sussed out months in advance?


  1. Nu är det på riktigt! Tjoho! Blå linjen kommer att ÄLSKA dig!

  2. Good luck - it will be alright on the night (or day)- I know that feeling though as I have no idea about those sorts of things for next Saturday either!

  3. Stay calm! Keep your heart rate low and relaxed. I know you're going to do brilliantly and it'll all fall into place tomorrow. Best of luck and I hope you manage to get a bit of sleep! (I know how hard it is the night before the race)

  4. I'm still waiting for the panic to hit me! AND I slept great. What's wrong with me? Where are the pre-race butterflies? I suspect they will all come flying in when I see the crowds...
    Thanks girls!