Friday, 13 May 2011

The pulse mystery

Up until last winter, my average heart rate during an easy run was between 155-165. Then, in February, something strange happened. Within the range of a few weeks, my average pulse rose and rose until it settled at 170-180. At first I thought it might be a lingering infection. But when my pulse didn't drop back to its usual levels as the weeks went by, I was completely baffled.

There was no logic to it. Speed didn't seem to matter, in fact my pulse was a bit lower during some of my faster runs. Ditto with time of day, route, hours of sleep or how tired I felt. There was no connection to the perceived exertion; some days when I felt I worked hard, my pulse was closer to 165. Other days when it felt easy, my pulse was closer to 185.

Today, when I ran home from work, my heart rate averaged at 146. I was running faster than usual, and it felt tough at times. So, who can solve this mystery? Please don't tell me I need to run faster...


  1. Haha dagsform säger jag då! Fast det kan vara så att du ibland ligger på fel växel dvs helt enkelt inte din fart!

  2. Neeej, ni skulle ju inte säga att jag måste springa fortare! ;)