Monday, 16 May 2011

Close call

Apart from my calves being a bit tired, I escaped yesterday's heroics with my skin intact. I was tired, but still able to run the 5 km home from work, and YES, once again, at a speed faster than my usual. I tried taking it easy, thinking about the approaching Göteborgsvarvet. But apparently there is only one gear in this racer car and I run all my sessions in it: whether it's a long run or speed work, it's just as fast (or slow). 

I'm slow compared to him. Look, he's won a medal and all.
I keep waiting for the sword of Damocles to fall. Only it won't be falling on my head. It will be chopping my legs off. Metaphorically only, hopefully. I can't keep running at this higher speed all the time. My body is not used to it. Sooner or later something will have to give and I'll be back on the bench, injured.

But now, I'll rest my weary legs. A 12-hour work day awaits tomorrow.

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  1. Det håller. Du håller. Ett nytt trappsteg! Tjoho!