Saturday, 21 May 2011

Pre-race restlessness

Just 8 hours left to the start. That's a whole working day. What's the deal with such a late start? What to do with all this time? Normally, on a Saturday, I would go out on my long run in the morning and then have the rest of the day for other things. Now I have to rest. I would very much like to, say, vacuum clean but, so sorry, I have to rest.

(Everyone knows about the phenomenon when you have homework to do, but you suddenly find that your flat is in urgent need of vacuum cleaning. This is the opposite. The flat really could do with some vacuum cleaning – as Sote sheds like a hairy mammoth- but I have to postpone that)

I just want to go out for a run!
Go grocery shopping? The bags are too heavy. Too tiresome for my shoulders. Watch TV? It puts me to sleep, and then I might oversleep and miss my start. Go for a walk? Are you crazy? My legs might fall off during the race. Read a book? Now that's just ridiculous. My eyes would get tired, and then I wouldn't see the curb while I'm running, I'd stumble and twist my ankle and have to get taxied back to the start. Eat? Drink? What if my stomach can't take it? Have you seen the pictures of the runner who got, erm, stomach problems during Göteborgsvarvet, but still bravely (or stupidly) completed the race in his brand new brown shorts? Yeah, despite his determination, he didn't win. But he got his 15 minutes of fame. Or more like an eternity of infamy.

I can't do anything today. It's too risky. I think I'll just lie on the sofa and wait for the hours to pass. But...what if my muscles get too relaxed and I can't get out of the sofa? What if?


  1. Hahaha känner igen! Sortera din utrustning. Igen. Och igen. Gå igenom loppet. Visualisera Avenyn. Känslan. Glädjen. You rock!

  2. Oh my word is that true about the runner with brown shorts? That is awful!
    Hope it goes well and you don't get too stiff/ tired/ eyes fall out etc :)