Saturday, 14 May 2011

New(-ish) stomping grounds

Either I'm made to run long distances or my body is easily manipulated by my brain. How else can I explain that yesterday's dead-weight legs during my 5 km run home would transform into road-runner worthy half-marathon machines today? How else if not by attributing it to the fact that I love running long distance while my run home bores me to death?

With one week left to the world's biggest half-marathon, I had planned a modest, 18 km-long run for today. Solo. I haven't run with the group in ages and I miss it, but I have so many things planned for the rest of the day that I had to get my run in early. 

Nature was at its best today

I didn't know what to expect. Last week I skipped the long run in favour of a long hike, and I was wondering if I'd struggle today. Also, see my aforementioned dead-weight legs. The first kilometre went as planned, with the speed averaging at 5:49 min/km. Then I was off. It felt easy. I kept glancing at my Garmin and trying to slow down, but slowing down only made me breathless. I imagine that's how it must be for runners Down Under, where everything is upside down, but here in the northern hemisphere people usually get breathless when they run fast, not when they run slow. Well, not me. I must have some Antipodean blood in me. During the rest of the run, I averaged a comfortable 5:28 min/km without even trying.

Again, try to remember that this is fast for me.

About half way into my run, I took a short cut through an area I hadn't been in before. The spruce-lined road winded between two cliffs. A couple of picture-perfect white houses clang on to the cliffs. I enjoyed the solitude and exploring new places. Soon I was back on familiar ground, running by the seaside, heading home. My heart rate loved it all, too. It settled at an average of 155 bpm.

I am ready for Göteborgsvarvet!


  1. I am sure you are right and maybe everything is up-side down in Australia. Maybe I should run there, as then I would be at the front instead of the back of the pack?
    Have fun at the half marathon - looks fab

  2. Haha, I didn't think of that! I'm moving there this instant ;)

  3. Jag hejjar på dig på lördag! :D