Thursday, 19 May 2011

Counting down

Photo by Dapeel
The blue line has been painted on the streets of Gothenburg. People have been queueing to get their bib. Runners all over the country are consuming disturbing amounts of pasta. The weather forecast looks promising. On Saturday, almost 60.000 will follow that blue line for 21 km, to the sounds of music and a cheering 200.000-strong public.

Should be fun.


  1. Wow have an amazing time. I think they mentioned this on the marathon talk podcast as the world's biggest half marathon or something. Good luck :)

  2. Maria: Thanks! It is indeed the biggest half-marathon in the world. I hope it will be fun. I'm a bit worried that the sheer amount of people will just make it feel like a lot of work.

    AKA: Rock on! :D

  3. Am excited for you! Have a brilliant time. I hope you enjoy every moment of it! :-)