Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Day of the living dead

12 hours of work on 6 hours of sleep do nothing for my mood. I'm weird like that. As I sat in the afternoon meeting and the clock tick-tocked the minutes away, I felt my brain slowly drifting into a coma, from which words escaped randomly in answer to people around me, none of which making sense. I was awake, yet not really there. Like a zombie. And zombies are not the happiest or most patient kind of people.

There was, of course, no running today. After 4 consecutive days of tough sessions, I needed to rest (12 hours of work, rest? Ha!) I cycled to work and was then met with headwind on the way back. Because, of course I would. It's Gothenburg. You always have headwind when you cycle, regardless of which direction you cycle in. You should try it some time. Cycle a hundred meters in headwind, then turn back and cycle the way you came. You will be crushed by gale force headwind. Again.

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