Saturday, 20 November 2010

The world is dressed in white and all is forgotten

I woke up to a white landscape this morning. I felt like a little child who's never seen snow before and jumped into my running clothes for a long run. At 07:30 there are not many people about, so the snow on the pavement was untouched, just beautiful as it shimmered in the yellow light from the street lamps.

I set out with an easy, slow tempo. I didn't really have a choice. Running in new snow can be a struggle. I certainly didn't mind. In fact, I think I might have had a stupid smile on my face.

That smile morphed into a determined tight-lipped grin after 5 km, when I turned east and was met with headwind. Some snow flakes drifted lazily from the sky and landed on my glasses, making it hard to see. The surrounding horse pastures were so eerie and quiet though, that I completely forgot about the wind.

After 12 km I left the untrodden roads and pavements and turned homeward again. The second half of my run took me by a seaside cycle path, which is so breathtakingly beautiful in the summer and very popular with people in the area.

Unfortunately these same people thought it was great weather for a cosy walk. Many footsteps in the snow and 0 degrees equals slush. Slush equals cold water in my shoes. Well, at least they look cleaner now.

After some minor incidents including almost stumbling over a loose cocker spaniel and almost breaking my neck slipping on an ice patch, I was ready to call it quits. 20 km brought me home to see quite a different view than 2 hours earlier. The snow plough had been busy turning what once was a beautiful white landscape to stereotypical Gothenburg grey slush.

In the beginning of my run I was so stunned with how snow can turn even the ugliest of landscapes into a winter wonderland that I completely forgot about last winter's long lasting snow, and how it posed a serious problem for my running. Snow in itself is not a problem, even if it is tougher to run on. Ice on the other hand is a deal-breaker. Having to spend time walking in crutches might seriously impede my training for Stockholm Marathon.

That's why I won't be buying these beauties any time soon. But I think that Santa might be bringing me a pair of Icebugs this year instead...

Snow, I still love you.

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