Thursday, 25 November 2010

Run-free, but not training-free day

Oh how I wanted to run today. The air was chilly, there was a thin layer of new snow covering the grey ice, there was even a hint of sunshine. Unfortunately I didn't quite manage to wake up when the alarm went off at 04:40. My body did, and it got up and made some coffee, and got dressed and ready for work; my brain on the other hand was still deep asleep, unable to plan such complicated things as packing one change of clothes for running and another for climbing, and choosing what to wear to work. If I don't figure out such logistics the night before, it's near impossible to do it in the morning. So I prioritised my work and climbing clothes. Hence, no running.

I took the tram to town and went wall climbing instead. I managed a 6A+ that nearly killed my fingers and made me collapse into a heap with exhaustion when I landed. It was so worth it, however. The previous few sessions I'd felt I had stagnated, that I didn't dare take any chances. Tonight I was determined to climb that 6A+.

Tomorrow is a complete rest day. I might even take the car to work. Saturday's adventure is only two days away and I need to be in top form!

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