Friday, 5 November 2010

Obligatory and much hated rest - day 4

I'm sick of being sick. The fever is gone, but now I'm plagued by a persistent cough instead. I can't do anything fun without my pulse sky rocketing. Just thinking about fun things makes my pulse sky rocket.

Fully realising that recovery could take much longer than I thought, I decided to take a look back instead on what my year has looked like so far. Take satisfaction from past achievements, so to speak.

In 2010 I've run a grand total of 1218 km. The longest I've run is just over 30 km. The longest I've run without taking a pause is 26 km. My fastest time in training or race is 5:03 min/km. That was a one-off though. I'm usually much slower. This year I've run one 10 km race (that was only 9 km in reality, due to a grave mistake in measuring) and two half-marathon races. Not surprisingly, I won none of those races. I got some pretty medals though.

Next year's big goal is of course Stockholm Marathon. Participating in races is not my cup of tea; in fact I think they're mostly just crowded and stressful. Why do I then choose to enter a marathon? I suppose it's for the medal. When I'm old and grey and lying in a retirement home somewhere, I'll be showing my nurses that I once was able to do such a thing.

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