Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Rest makes me restless

My throat feels like it's filled with pebbles.

It's now 9 days since I last ran. I have tried to keep active by doing strength exercises, climbing and walking, but it's not fulfilling at all. Of course when you're not able to run, everywhere you look there are people running. Even seeing people in their tights and reflex vests running in the snow, in the dark, with a cold headwind, makes me long for it.

Running gives me, among other things, stress relief. I have a stressful job with lots of responsibility. Going out for a run after a hard day at work clears my mind, gives me new ideas, puts everything into perspective. It makes me feel stronger, more able to deal with problems.

This relatively minor health problem has naturally caused me to fall into a negative spiral. The more stress I have at work, the more I need to train. The less I train, the more stressful work gets.

So now I've decided, a week too late, to call the doctor and book an appointment. An infection has most likely made itself at home in my body, and it needs to get out, now. I need to get my training back on track, not only because I'm supposed to be training for a marathon, but, above all, because I need the balance it gives in my life.

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