Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Saving my legs

Running 5 km on the way home from work left me wanting more. Some sessions are like that. It's as if you just got started when you get home. Some other sessions feel tough. It might be that you're running with headwind. Or you're running uphill in the freezing rain. Or you're doing speed work and your heart is trying to jump out of your mouth and leave you for someone who treats it more kindly; but once you get home and the endorphins finally hit you, you're so happy you went for a run.

I wanted to save my legs, partly because I'm thinking about run commuting to town tomorrow and then go climbing, and partly because of that little adventure on Saturday. So instead of a longer run, I came straight home and did some leg and abs exercises.

Current weather prognosis for Saturday: between -13 and -9 degrees, moderate breeze, cloudy.

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