Friday, 19 November 2010

Finally Friday

I kind of dreaded my run home after work. It was so nice and warm indoors, and it seemed so cold and windy outside. The weather forecast threatened with snow and 0 degrees, and I feared it would get dark before I got home. Gone are the days of running in glorious sunshine or on warm summer evenings.

A nice May photo to ward off the cold

I changed into my running clothes before heading out, and put on my new Craft base layer tights under my usual tights. I decided to run in my jacket, not brave enough to just wear a vest. I made my way home and my fears came true. Darkness started falling. Most of the way home is well-lit and well-trafficked, but there is a part that takes me through an isolated grove of trees. There are no street lamps there. Who knows what is there.

Needless to say, the impeding darkness made me run faster than I'd planned. I even incorporated some "fartlek" in my running (that is, some spontaneous speed increase - literally "speed play"). After 10 km I was finally home, happily tired and ready for some Friday evening relaxation. The wind had felt chilly on my cheeks after all, and our flat was so wonderfully warm.

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