Monday, 15 November 2010

A nice start to the week

Today I ran both to work and then home after work. I'm so happy I can run again, that I do it twice per day now.

Well, not exactly. See, when I run home from work, I usually take a detour so that the total distance is 10 km. This morning I ran straight to work, and then in the evening straight home. So I only ran a total of 10 km anyway.

This is becoming a necessity in order to get my training to fit in with the rest of my life. Days are getting much shorter now, and it's not as easy to get out and run at 5.30 in the morning any more. Nor is it fun to finish work at 6, get home as soon as possible, eat something, wait an hour or two to digest it and then go for a run at 8. Some times I want to stay at home in the evenings, and, I don't know, be with my husband or something.

Thankfully, not all days are this long. On the days I finish work earlier, it's not a problem to take the long way home. But at 6, after a long day at work, I just want to get home and rest. Running home does not take much longer than cycling home. Not if you cycle as slowly as I do. In fact, I think that it only takes about 5 minutes longer. So there's really no reason to cycle (an activity I don't particularly enjoy just for commuting) when I can run.

Besides, if I cycled home, I wouldn't have had the joy of overtaking a cyclist who was struggling up a hill. Twice.

But it's not just necessity that pushes me to run commute. This morning, when I came to work and after I'd had a shower, I felt the endorphins rushing through my veins. I felt happier, more positive, more energetic. It's a perfect way to start your day.

In order for run commuting to go smoothly, it's of course necessary to prepare. Either have a good rucksack to carry a change of clothes in, or leave a change of clothes at work the day before. A great guide to run commuting can be found here (in swedish):


  1. Snorkka? Eller vad är det man kallar transportlöpningen? Det är faktiskt ett väldigt bra sätt. Just nu jobbar jag hemifrån så då är det ju lite svårt.. :) Men då har jag ju mer tid över också till att träna.

    Ska bli kul att följa din resa!


  2. Jag vet inte hur effektiv transportlöpning är som träning, men den är jättekul! Jag har till och med börjat springa till bl.a. affären ibland. Göra nåt nyttigt liksom, medan jag tränar ;)

    Vi syns kanske om 1,5 vecka?

    Kram :)