Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Work, work, work

No time to train today. Working 6.30-14 and 16.30-19.

What gives? I hear you ask. There's plenty of time to train between 14 and 16. Well, throat is complaining too much today. Not sure if the cold I had two weeks ago is back for an encore, or if this is a new variety of bad-enough-to-miss-training-but-not-bad-enough-to-miss-work cold. You know the kind. No other symptoms are present except irritation in my throat. No fever, spots or any other sign that this could cause a pandemic and would therefore force me to call in sick.

Shame, really. With the exception of my toe blisters, my body has recuperated and is ready for some easy runs. Seems like it will have to wait until at least Saturday.


  1. Jag tror inte det är dumt med några extra dagars vila. Snarare tvärtom.

    Min ena lilltå höll på att ta död på mig idag...

    Keep up the good work ultra woman! :)

  2. Nej, det är inte helt fel. Denna vecka är det nog ganska kört med träningen i alla fall, alldeles för mycket annat att göra.

    Våra fötter var nog den kroppsdel som fick mest stryk i lördags...Hoppas din tå känns bättre snart :)