Thursday, 11 November 2010


That was the sound of two hours of my life disappearing before my eyes. And I'm never getting them back.

I tried to book an appointment with my doctor, so that he could figure out what's wrong with my throat and how we can fix it. Unfortunately he had no time slots that suited me, what with having a full time job. I was advised to visit an emergency health centre.

Several people at work had been to this emergency health centre and spoke highly of it, and how the waiting times were really short. So I headed down there after I finished work at 6.

A few people were already waiting there, but when I spoke to the nurses I was told that there were only 3 patients waiting to be seen by the two doctors on duty. I guessed it would only take about half an hour before I got to see the doctor, and I just about did a cartwheel to celebrate. My optimism soon took a hard blow. People with more acute problems than mine kept stumbling in and moved to the top of the queue. Feverish kids, a lady who could hardly walk, someone with an allergic reaction, everyone and their mother in other words.

Completely knackered after a long day at work, I was on the verge of tears of frustration and regretted ever going there. I mean, my body could probably take care of itself if I gave it time? But my colleagues had frightened me with talk of streptococcus and how I might need to take penicillin.

After two hours I finally got to see the doctor. She seemed to have jumped out of a cartoon. She was a middle aged woman with crazy hair, a probably crazier mind and an unidentifiable accent. She informed me in broken Swedish that I had a virus and all I needed to do was sweat it out. Pop some painkillers and rest. I was to not shower until the virus was gone. I was to skip training until I felt rested. I wanted to scream that I'd done nothing but rest, and it didn't help. I felt disappointed. Did I wait two hours for this?! Streptococcus can be dealt with, a virus...not so much. Her recipe of painkillers and bad hygiene failed to convince me.

Then I took some painkillers before I went to bed, and woke up with a happier throat. I'm still coughing but it doesn't hurt to swallow any more. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my health improvement continues. Maybe the loony doctor was right. Maybe, just maybe I can go for a run soon.

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