Thursday, 4 November 2010

Why is it...

...that when you can't go out for a run, that's when you miss it the most?

The past few weeks I've had an enormous workload and I've often daydreamed about what my life would be like if I had different working conditions. For example, if I worked from home, or if I worked part time. If I had more time to train, and could do it whenever I felt like it, in other words.

Now I find myself with lots of time in my hands, but I'm ill and can't go running, or do any of the other things I daydreamed about. Baking: out of the question. Reading: The fever makes me fall asleep. Even catching up on all the films I've been meaning to watch -a passive, harmless activity- feels boring, when done in a fever-fuelled stupor. I get restless. The sofa starts feeling uncomfortable. My legs start twitching. I can't concentrate. But even if I just try to go and get some water, I realise just how sick I am.

There is clearly a discrepancy between my mind and my body. My body is ill. My mind on the other hand is (arguably) healthy and ready to go. Or extremely delusional and in denial. Either way, it doesn't seem to have gotten the message my body has been trying to send: Take it easy.

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