Sunday, 24 June 2012

Whatever you do, don't mention the knee

Knee? What knee? Let's just change the subject, shall we?

Both yesterday and today we took one of our cats out for a drive. To say he doesn't like cars would be an understatement. Food comes out from both ends. He meows constantly. One time he was so shocked, he started hyperventilating.

For those reasons, we avoid using the car to move him around as much as possible. The only time we can't avoid it is when we take him to the vet. Otherwise, when we go on holiday, a cat nanny comes over and takes care of him. Somehow the idea of driving him to a cat hotel and then leaving him there in a cage for days doesn't appeal to us. It's worked fine with the cat nanny so far.

But then there is the upcoming move. We'll have to drive 1200 km across the country with our cats in the back seat. Vets here don't prescribe any medication to help cats calm down. The only thing they can recommend is nausea pills. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to help much, as evidenced by yesterday's and today's traumatic car trips. Well. We had to try.

It's a nightmare for the poor baby. Not only does he have to suffer being in the horrible, scary-sounding car, but he has to take a shower when we get home to wash off the poo he's been walking around in while he was sitting in his cage. Cats and water rarely mix. So now he's sitting in the sun trying to dry himself.

Grumpy? Me too, buddy. Me too.

A very good friend of mine is a yoga teacher. I had a chat with her yesterday and she recommended yoga to build up the strength around my knees. Too bad she lives on the other side of the planet. I could really use a teacher when I do yoga. I find DVDs boring, and I suspect that this boredom colours my perception of yoga in general. I'll nevertheless try and do some yoga a bit later. I have to do something if I can't run. But first, lunch.

Sweet potatoes and goat cheese. I prefer feta with my sweet potatoes but this isn't too bad.

Too bad my cat doesn't like yoga. Maybe it would help him relax?


  1. Lilla söta katten!
    Nu blev jag sugen på din mat :) Och vi pratar inte om knät, men jag är ändå nyfiken..