Wednesday, 27 June 2012

How you doin'?

It's been a bit quiet on the blog front the last couple of days. There are two reasons for that. One, I've been working late and two, there hasn't been much to write about, because the last time I went running was Friday and that ended in disaster of Michael Bay-film proportions. My knee has been slowly getting better since then. The emphasis on slowly. Today I can finally press my thumb on the sore spot and barely feel a thing.

The way to achieve this wondrous result has been rest and Chinese methods of torture. You can stretch the ITB by using a foam roller, but since I don't have one, I've been using a rolling pin. You know the kind? Made of wood, the kind that isn't so much of the bendy persuasion? Think about it for a minute. Foam roller. It sure sounds soft and mushy, right? Whereas a rolling pin that's made of wood is neither. It's hard. And it hurts. I knew that it was going to hurt by reading descriptions online from others who've used similar methods to stretch the ITB, but I wasn't quite prepared for the epic agony that my thigh getting treated like bread dough that's been particularly naughty would inflict on me.

I'm meeting the physiotherapist later today to find out if it's still the runner's knee that's making me question my ability to ever go running again, or if it's a new injury altogether (oh, fun! Another one for my collection). I'm not sure which would be preferable. The prospect of having either in my life the next few months is quite discouraging. I even found myself imagining going on my one-month leave next Friday and HAVING NOTHING TO DO. Since I can't go running. I imagined waking up day after day after day, with glorious weather outside, and not being able to enjoy it. Because, in my endorphins-addicted mind, time off equals running. Rosé on the balcony? Pfft. Picnics by the sea? Pfft. Ice-cream in town? I might as well keep working.

Then I gave myself a metaphorical slap on the face. I won't have such negativity. There's plenty I can still do, bad knee and all. I can swim. I can walk. I can do the plank ad nauseam. Oh, speaking of which. Let's sum up the progress I've made so far, shall we?

Please note: NOT an example of a proper way to do a plank!

Last week I did the plank 5 days out of 7. The challenge was to do 3 sets of each (basic, side plank to the left and side plank to the right) for as long as possible. My shoulders screamed for mercy but I didn't listen. This week's challenge is as follows:

Days 1-3-5: Tabata intervals, i.e. 20 seconds of doing the plank plus 10 seconds of rest, times 8. Rest a minute and repeat the whole sequence once more, or twice if you're up to it. I did three sequences.
Days 2-4: 3 sets of the basic plank, for as long as possible, but on something unstable, like a gym ball. I did mine on the balance board. You can also attempt the side planks on the ball or board. I tried it once and found it too hard, so I did the normal ones instead.

Original challenge here (in Swedish).

My abs are actually starting to show. Or, well, trying to move aside the layer of fat that's accumulated on my belly the last 2-3 months. Looking better good, babe! (no negativity here, thankyouverymuch)


  1. Kämpa på med plankan:) och den smärtsamma rullningen!

    Känner förresten igen det där med att man inte vill prata om sin skada...

  2. Heja dig!
    Jag kan springa utan smärta nu, men det tar tid att komma tillbaka.
    Kram och kämpa vidare!