Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Plank challenge, day 3

Please forgive any spelling mistakes you might see in this post. My hands are a bit shaky. I tried to google something before, and instead of pressing the letter ”b”, I turned on the printer.

The plank challenge has been a lot of fun, as you can probably deduce from the above. My shoulders are ready to be scrapped. My abs, on the other hand, are fine. Not that you would see it from the results below:

Day two (during my break at work. Yes, I'm dedicated)
Basic plank: 2m30s, 1m, 1m
Side plank: 50s, 35s, 40s

Day three
Basic plank: 1m50s, 1m 30s, 1m 10s
Side plank: 1m, 45s, 40s

Not sure how to interpret these results. They're not exactly unpredictable when it comes to the basic plank (what with my shoulders getting more and more shot with each day) but they are unpredictable when it comes to the side plank. It will be interesting to see what I can do after this weekend, when I've given my shoulders a chance to rest.

I also went through my leg and knee rehab routine, did some balance exercises and even threw in some underarm training. The latter was the final drop. When it comes to arm training, I haven't pushed myself so hard in years. Not since I stopped training at the gym. It was lovely, despite the side effect of getting shaky hands. Maybe I won't be able to hold a glass of water without spilling half of it on the floor the next couple of days, but it's worth it. I love the sensation I get after a hard workout.

Tonight I'll venture out for another jog. Maybe this time I'll go crazy and run 3 km. I think I'll test my new Kinvara. They've been lying in their box, in the dark, ever since I bought them at the Göteborgsvarvet fair more than a month ago. High time I took them for a spin.

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  1. Vilka schyssta pjucks! Jag kan inte få nog av just joggingskor. Vill ha. Jämt!
    Och jag får lite dåligt samvete. Borde ta upp mina plankövningar igen. Man blir starkare i löpningen också. Ska nog rota fram mitt gamla core-pass och köra lite. Och ut på 6 km ikväll. Jag får köra igång kortare sträckor ett tag nu. Tills jag hittat tillbaka.
    Men vad härligt att du springer igen! :D