Sunday, 3 June 2012

A walk around Torrekulla

Thanks for all your words of encouragement, my dear readers. I wasn't as low yesterday as I probably came across; more frustrated at how I've been injured in one way or another since I started running. Yes, my knee will get better. But what injury will it be next time? Still, believe me: I am thankful I got to experience and achieve so much despite my numerous injuries and ill health. Besides, we had a nice day, lack of marathon running notwithstanding. Prometheus was an entertaining movie, if not quite reaching to the classic standard of my favourite Ridley Scott films.

Flying saucers preparing for lift-off

Although we were pretty indecisive this morning, J and I finally headed out for a long walk around Torrekullaleden. I've run this trail a few times, and it's at its best this time of the year. More a jungle than a forest, this nature reserve is an oasis of calm.

One of these days I'll find out where this road leads. Torrekulla trail to the left.

We met a couple of runners along the way. The trail is pretty technical at times, with stones and roots protruding from the ground, and usually very wet. Today it was mostly dry, the few muddy patches not wet enough for you to sink in but rather forming a rubbery surface for you to bounce off. The sun was high in the sky and the wind turned the air cool and delicious. It really brought out the vibrant colours in the woods and flowers.

It took us 4 hours to cover about 20 km, including two stops to eat and drink, and some more stops to take photos. We were pretty tired by the end of it, more tired than I'd felt at the end of my running rounds there. Walking takes forever. I had to stop myself several times from annoying J by asking him if we were there yet.

On the way home

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  1. Jag är så himla glad över all pepp och att du vill följa mig!
    Och visst tar walking forever, men du lyckades med underbara foton och det här med pannben.. Du vet, precis som jag, att pannben tränas också genom att gå när man vill springa. Och att lida sig igenom skadeperioder.
    Min fot känns nu igen. Eftersom jag inte kände något igår och inte i morse så tror jag på vila någon dag sedan lätt jogg. Känns så otroligt härligt att jag fixade detta.
    Och jo, visst har jag funderat på ultra, men först vill jag boka in en till mara. Och halvmara tror jag!