Monday, 18 June 2012

Plank challenge

And just in time for my running comeback, an unexpected guest. A sore throat!

It's not as bad as it sounds. Yet. In fact, I wonder if I'm allergic to something, because all other evidence points to that (itchy / runny eyes, runny nose, tiredness, headache. Yes, I am aware that they are also flu symptoms). In fact, I've decided that it cannot possibly be the flu, because A) I've had a cold or the flu 5 times already since the beginning of the year and B) I just bloody deserve being healthy for a while. Don't you think?

Anyway, I don't talk about this so-called sore throat here at home, because it's a tender subject (see also: denial). Instead, I decided to start a fun-looking plank challenge that a friend found on a blog and forwarded to me (in Swedish). Core strength is very, VERY important to running and I certainly don't mind getting well-defined abs (not that I will, after this. I've got the extra kilos I put on after my injury to shed first).

Every week, the challenge looks different. This week (or last week, really – the challenge started a week ago. I'm starting it a bit late) you have to do 3 sets of the plank, 5 days of 7. One set consists of the basic plank, the side plank to the left and the side plank to the right. You try to keep the position as long as possible.

My sets today, the first day of the challenge, looked like this:
1st set: Basic plank 2 min 30 sec, side plank 1 min
2nd set: Basic plank 1 min 30 sec, side plank 50 sec
3rd set: Basic plank 1 min 10 sec, side plank 35 sec

Something I find disappointing is how my shoulders always give up before my abs do. I am not particularly strong on the upper side of my body, nor do I find it easy to build any muscle there. It will be interesting to see if this challenge builds up some strength in my shoulders too. 

Tomorrow, I'm working a mammoth 12,5 hour-shift. But I'm in denial about that too.


  1. OOOh plankan den gamla klassikern!!! På Military Training fick vi vila i plankan!

  2. Det positiva är att du bygger snart upp dig. Jag var så där för inte alls längesedan. Nu måste jag lägga på minst 8kg om jag "bara" ska stå stilla i sidplankan. :-)
    Och fortsätt förträng det halsonda så det försvinner! ;-)