Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Life long learning

I sincerely hope I'm not jumping the gun here. I got an email from my local library informing me that the books I reserved last week have arrived there and are ready to be picked up.

These books are the course literature for the three distance-learning university courses I'm hoping to take this autumn. Two courses in photography (as recommended by Katarina) and one course in sports psychology. The photography courses are mostly for fun, to help me learn more about my hobby. The sports psychology course on the other hand is one that interests me on a deeper level. Not only will it be fascinating to learn how the brain works when it comes to athletic performance, mental training and goal setting, it might also give me the chance to get into a field that I'm passionate about. At the very least, it will teach me to handle my own internal obstacles better.

Of course, I don't know if I've been accepted in any of these courses yet. I'm not finding out until July. But I went ahead and reserved the books anyway. Whether I get accepted or not, they will be interesting to read.

1 comment:

  1. Vad spännande! Jag hoppas verkligen du kommer in på allt :)
    Jag borde plugga lite, men har liksom inte haft energi till det i år. Allt har sin tid.
    Jag håller tummarna! Både för kurs och knä.

    I morgon ska jag ut och testa foten igen. Det känns fortfarande lite. Vågar inte springa så ofta tills känningarna är borta. Inte så sköna känningar som du förstår. När jag väl är på G igen vore det ju något om jag får upp tempot lite. Ska nog köra lite intervaller.