Saturday, 3 December 2011

The planets aligned

Sometimes the planets align to create the perfect conditions for running. One day, for example, when you're well-rested, injure-free and full of energy, the sun also happens to be shining. Today was such an occasion. Only the opposite of what I just described. The planets aligned to create the perfect stay-at-home conditions.

I took several days' rest to let my strained foot tendon heal properly. I didn't know how it would feel this morning and if I would go for a run, but just looking out my window when I woke up and at the truly horrible weather outside quickly dissolved any thoughts of leaving the flat. My foot needed the rest and the weather provided an extra reason to resist temptation. And the truth is, I'm completely ok with my decision to have a few lazy days. See how well I deal with restlessness when I don't have a choice?

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