Thursday, 15 December 2011

My babies are here

Every time I receive a package from the online bookstore, it's like Christmas morning. I open the package carefully, full of anticipation. Although I know exactly what it contains, it always makes me smile to see the actual books there in front of me. The way they smell. Leafing through them. Deciding which one I'll read first.

This particular package contained 8 books. Different genres. All of which I chose carefully for the upcoming Cannonball Read. Some of them were obvious, because I've been reading the author's work for years, others were an effort to try something different:

1. Terry Pratchett, Snuff. I love Pratchett and his sense of humour. He's a prolific writer, but how many books will he have time to write before Alzheimer's disease claims his brain?
2. Stephen King, 11.22.63. I like the way he writes, but his stories can go either way. I've loved some and hated some.
3. Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire. This is the second book in a trilogy (?). It's youth literature, but I found the first book well written.
4. Jeffrey Eugenides, The Marriage Plot. His ”Middlesex” novel is one of my favourites. A great mixture of comedy and drama.
5. Tim Jackson, Prosperity without Growth. This was a bold choice on my part. I prefer my politics and economics in documentary form, because fact books are often very dry. Ok, they're often plain boring. But the subject he writes about is very interesting and I hope that alone will keep me awake.
6. Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead. Probably my favourite TV-show right now. I had to pick up the graphic novel.
7. Stephen Hawking, Grand Design. As with economics, I prefer my science in documentary form, but I find science a lot more fascinating to read about.
8. Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections. A book a lot of people were talking about a year or so ago.

So there they are. The newest members in the growing pile of books I'll be reading for Cannonball Read. I've already started on the first one I'll be reviewing: ”In defence of food” by Michael Pollan.

In training related news, another round of Ultra Intervals will be taking place on the 11th of February. Should I or shouldn't I? The jury is still out on that one.

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  1. bra smak, skulle kunna tänka mig samtliga och khar läst några!