Thursday, 29 December 2011

Don't dream it, be it

If I let a little tornado stop me from running, I'd never go running here in Gothenburg. So despite the fact that the Apocalypse seemed to be taking place outside our flat this morning, I still braved the elements and ran the 10 km to work. It wasn't as bad as it looked from the inside of the flat, and, for most of it, the sudden gusts of strong wind hit me on the back. It almost never is as bad as it looks. Except as I'm writing these lines. It is exactly as bad as it looks, and I think I saw a Russian submarine fly past our balcony just a minute ago.

While I ran in this morning's relatively tame hurricane (relatively by current standards), my thoughts drifted to more pleasant things. To different weather conditions and other geographical coordinates. I dreamt of mosquitoes, and moose, and wilderness, and running many, many kilometres under the warm light of the midnight sun. Was it just a dream, or will it become reality one day?


  1. Vädret är inget bekymmer för en riktig löpare :)

    // Marcus

  2. Haha, eller hur! Fast till och med en riktig löpare (som jag) har sina gränser...