Monday, 12 December 2011

Heavy legs and good news

December darkness makes me want to sleep much longer than my customary 7 hours. After having slept for more than 8 hours this morning, I grudgingly got up, still tired, just after 5 o'clock. I ate my breakfast in the early-hours silence, then got ready to run to work.

My legs were heavy and every step was a struggle. Still, I somehow managed to cover the 10 km to work and at a decent pace at that. They say that you never regret going out for a run, but you do regret not doing it. I was pretty close to disproving that saying, because it wasn't a fun run. I had to fight for every single metre and I arrived at work exhausted instead of energised. Yet 10 km is a respectable distance to run and I'm glad I did it.

When I got home in the afternoon, I received some good news. I've been wanting to study a sports-related course in the spring and I found one that was really, really interesting. Because of work I can only study distance learning courses. Unfortunately this one was in Malmö and had a few obligatory attendances, which would make it almost impossible for me to take this course. I thought I'd send an email anyway, and ask on which dates these attendances were. Just in case the cosmic deities threw me a bone and they were all on a Wednesday.

As it turns out, the cosmic deities did throw me a bone, although it was a different one than the one I expected. These obligatory attendances are no longer obligatory. So I applied for the course and I'm crossing all fingers and toes that I get accepted. It was a late application, and my only chance to get in is either if the course isn't full, or if an applicant drops out. Wish me luck!

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