Sunday, 4 December 2011

No more lazy days

Four days of resting and being lazy had exactly zero positive effect on my strained foot. After an 11 km run this morning, my foot was back to where it was the last time I ran, last Tuesday. So what's the point of resting? I might as well keep running as usual.

It didn't build up to it either. It felt strained as soon as I started running, and no matter how relaxed I tried to run, it didn't seem to make much of a difference. At least the rest of my body got up to the task immediately. It was obvious that it had missed running. I'm telling you, so much rest is bad for you! Before I went running, my legs were stiff, my back was aching and I was getting cabin fever. After the run, I was like a new person, full of energy and with all the complaints in my body gone. Well, except for the complaints in my foot.

Strangely enough, I loved the weird weather today. I had strong headwind for the first half of my round, then as soon as I reached the sea and turned towards home I had it on my back. The sea was grey and angry, frothing at the shores. Some lonely rain drops fell from the sky. I thought about the group's ultra session a year ago - Alingsås to Gothenburg. We had snow under our feet then, and -15 degrees on our bare faces.What a difference to today's weather.

A great day, a year ago

I also managed to fit in some vacuum cleaning, washing, shopping and muffin baking in my Sunday. My lazy days are over. Good riddance!


  1. No more excuses för mig nu. I morgon börjar min marathon träning på riktigt. Lite komiskt, för med en ond fot...
    Träna gör jag ju, men drar mig för att gå ut och springa. Dum som jag är! Jag måste ju nu!!
    sv: Kakan var väldigt god... Borde kunna springa långt med den haha

  2. Längtar också tillbaka till förra årets riktiga vinter! Men stormigt hav är också mäktigt!