Saturday, 10 December 2011

He's brought down the rain and the indian summer is through

A new personal best on the half marathon distance was the result of my efforts this morning. I started off at what I thought was a comfortable pace, increased about midway when I felt that I had strength left, and then finished strong.

That's sea water among the trees
The storm that hit Gothenburg yesterday let up a little this morning, long enough for me to get in these fast 21 km, and before the heavy rain returns this afternoon. The aftermath was evident everywhere: fallen branches, garbage that the sea water had carried to shore, flooded ditches. The wind still came at me from the sea, very strong from time to time, causing me to run leaning to the left to counteract its force. I was almost thrown off the path a couple of times, but thankfully these were just gusts of wind and not the persistent headwind that I've faced before and which wears you out very quickly.

The sea had completely covered some of the walkways
I liked this weather, despite the frustration I felt when I couldn't seem to move forward. A lot of the songs that accompanied me on this run were about summer, and I dreamed of running on dry, sun scorched earth, among hay fields, enveloped by warmth and the scent of pine trees. But it didn't last long. Despite the fact that summer is my favourite season, I'm not sick of this winter yet, although it has done its best to piss me off, what with the constant winds and rain. 

Wild beauty
I was surprised that I got such a good time, as I wasn't really trying to run fast, but rather let my body find its own right speed. Maybe this old body has more strength in it than I think. Or maybe I just had a really good day.


  1. Ah, du bor i Göteborg också? (som en del andra bloggar jag följer)
    Här var det underbart väder - ingen snö, lagom kallt. En perfekt löptur!
    Det är Stockholm Marathon jag tänkte köra. Jag börjar så eftersom det är mitt första långlopp. Får se vad som händer efter det ;)

  2. Snygga stormbilder! Men vilken ljuvlig söndag vi fick!!!!