Sunday, 13 February 2011

When not even running can cure the blues

And here I was, thinking that this would be an easy, short run, together with J.

For my easy, short runs I choose flat cycle paths. For his easy, short runs J chooses a path that takes us to half kilometre-long steep hill, which (if it doesn't kill you first) makes you wish you would die already and end this torture.

Still, I'm glad we went out in the sunshine and scraped together 5 km, which lifted our spirits, if only temporarily. The day started out well enough, but there were soon big frowns on both J's face and mine. Fur ball number two peed on our bed, a behaviour that makes us very worried indeed. This is nothing new; he did it twice when my parents were here visiting, only then he picked dad's bed to pee on. At the time we dismissed it as some sort of protest against having a new male in the household. But this was the first time he peed on our bed, on the established alpha-male's side, something that is hard to explain.

All sorts of thoughts are running through our heads about how to deal with this. There are no appealing options. Frankly, we're starting to think that he'd be better off living somewhere in the countryside, where he'd have an opportunity to roam outside. Lately he's become more and more restless, walking around the apartment complaining loudly, hardly interested in playing anymore. Can cats get depressed?

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