Thursday, 10 February 2011

Purr alarm clock

Ever overslept because a power failure knocked your alarm clock out? Ever missed an early appointment because you hit the off button instead of snooze? Or had your whole day ruined, because your alarm clock woke you up by blasting Rick Astley on the radio?

Your nightmares are over. Look no further for a unique way to make sure that you always wake up on time. The Purr alarm clock uses advanced Fluffy® sensory technology, that detects any fluctuation in your breathing pattern or in your position in bed, and reliably wakes you up with soft, purring sounds (alternatively by jumping around making the whole bed shake, or by crawling under the bed and sharpening its claws on the mattress).

Some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

"I never have to set the radio alarm again - if purring doesn't wake me up, the Purr alarm clock crawls right into my face and tickles me awake"

"Its claws gently tearing my skin apart are a sure way to get me out of bed!"

"Sometimes, when I'm really tired, the Purr alarm clock lovingly bites my toes. It's the most reliable alarm clock I've ever owned!"

This magnificent alarm clock can be yours for the special price of free to a good home. Place your orders by sending us an email:

(Dislaimer: We are working on a solution for a flexibility issue, that currently prevents the alarm clock from waking you up at any time other than precisely 04:48 every morning, weekday or weekend, whether you've set the alarm or not)

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