Saturday, 5 February 2011

Men in tights

And women. Braving the strong wind and going for a run by the sea. I met at least 10 such brave runners this morning.

Spring was definitely not in the air. Rather there was an overwhelming late autumn feel in the air. But the ice is melting mostly everywhere now, and I was able to enjoy my old 11 km route by the sea (thanks for the inspiration, AKA!). I used to run there several times per week, now it's my "long" run route. How things can change within just a few months.

I had lots of energy left at the end of the run, and my foot kept quiet the whole time. But J and I are going climbing soon, and I want to be able to manage at least an hour of it. It would be so embarrassing to have to ask J to lift me up the wall.

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  1. Najs löprunda vid havet! :) Snart är 11 km uppvärmning igen! Håll i håll ut!