Friday, 11 February 2011

Ice skating

Is there a better conclusion to the working week than a 5 km run home on an uneven, icy surface, in windy, blistery weather? (Yes. A 10 km run in spring sunlight on pine needle-covered forest paths. Just imagine how amazing it's going to feel after the winter we've had)

I felt pretty tired running home, because this morning I also ran to work. When I run to work, I'm usually very good at forgetting to stretch, which I suspect makes it harder for my muscles to recover. Hence, the tired legs. But I clenched my teeth and told myself to Just Do It, because, really, what choice did I have? Walking would turn me into a human popsicle, and the bus was as far away as home. After I had Just Done It, boy, did it feel good to come home, where it was warm, and put my evil foot in a tub of ice water.

Anyhow, all fingers and toes are currently crossed that the snow quota for this year has been reached. I'm officially sick of it. Well, maybe not the snow, but the icy mess that it leaves behind when it's gone. I'm ready for the spring!

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