Friday, 4 February 2011

Wet, wet, wet

I might attract the wrong kind of traffic with that title, but that's a risk that I will just have to take. Because that's what my feet are after run commuting home today: WET.

Contrary to what monster weather various meteorological websites threatened with this morning, the anticipated hurricane wind never came. Sure, it's windy, but it's always windy around here (and it's always headwind, no matter which way you turn). It had snowed a couple of centimetres over night, which together with the tropical 5 degrees we're having today resulted in a lovely slush. As opposed to an ice rink. An improvement of sorts.

Yesterday's swimming pools had regrettably not disappeared over night, but some of them were covered in a thin layer of ice/slush. That tricked me more than once into thinking that the pools were very shallow. They weren't. Ice cold water drenched my feet and turned my pristine Kayanos further into a well-worn, battered shadow of their previous self. Once my feet dry up, I'm sure I won't mind. It's sort of a badge of honour, I suppose. The dirtier my shoes, the more dedicated runner I am. Or the worse I am at avoiding puddles. Something like that.

Finally, to those of you who found this blog via the article, welcome! Hope you stick around. I will be posting more information about our Ultra training event in April as soon as all the planning pieces fall into place.


  1. Isfria cykelbanor mot Särö Gbg! Tips tips! :)

  2. Jag bor granne med Säröbanan, vad bra :) Undrar om det är lika isfritt nere vid Amundön? Jag får helt enkelt titta närmare på saken! Tack för tipset :)