Saturday, 12 February 2011

A love declaration to VFFs

Oh what a marvellous day. 8 degrees below zero and dazzling sunshine. In contrast to yesterday's hurricane wind, not a leaf is shaking today. There are patches of ice here and there on the pavement, but it's not slippery.

I hadn't used my Vibram Five Fingers in ages. I've been working on foot strength in other ways, by using the balance board for example, but my VFFs were almost forgotten. Partly because I've been running longer distances than I could use my VFFs for, and partly because of the icy conditions on roads and pavements. But today offered the perfect opportunity: beautiful weather and no training plans that include running.My gorgeous ape feet, I love you. You make my feet happy. Yes, even the evil one is smiling and feels better than it did before I took you for a 2 km spin. You forced my cadence to increase to 200 bpm, taking shorter steps and landing with my feet under my body. I wanted to keep running and running, feeling free, without pain. I can't wait to run in the forest with you.

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