Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oh crap

So now my physiotherapist says it IS plantar fasciitis. Even though my foot has gotten better. Even though it now almost exclusively "hurts" in the morning. Even though the "pain" is more of a stiffness and soreness than actual pain.

She told me again that I need orthopaedic insoles. Because, of course she bloody would. When I expressed my scepticism, she said that I shouldn't see this as something negative. Rather, what with my foot feeling better, I should see it as the means to an end: to keep doing what I love doing.

I was of course hoping that my foot's improvement would have the opposite effect. That she would urge me to keep doing my foot exercises, and that the problem would eventually disappear. Instead of that, she essentialy told me that it was worse than she thought.

My initial reaction is to go ahead and book an appointment with the orthopaedic specialist. Buy some insoles. Judging by what she said, the problem with my foot (that the arch is getting lower and lower) cannot be reversed, hence I need these insoles. Sounds reasonable, right? Yet another part of me is saying that something I've been doing the last few weeks has made a difference, and I can run now, whereas I couldn't before. Is the problem truly irreversible?

In any case, today is a true rest day. I'm meeting a friend for a cup of coffee later, and that coffee is all that will be causing my heart to beat faster.

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