Thursday, 24 February 2011

Time off sounds good right about now

There are days when you are tired, and your legs don't want to carry you any further, and your lungs gasp for air, and all you can think about is how nice it will be to finally be able to stop running.

And then there are whole weeks that are like that.

I think I might need to take the rest of the month off. From running, that is. Even if I've been experiencing moments of joy while I've been out running, especially in the company of others, what I've mainly experienced the last month is tiredness and boredom with running the same old route to or from work. No inspiration. Not even music helps any more. It's just been heavy going every single run lately, having to fight my way through the few kilometres home. The weather's cyclothymic temper has tired me out too. One minute the sun is shining, promising that spring is around the corner, and the next it's snowing. Oh weather, you manic depressive bugger.

But then again, I'm fickle. I really want to join my running buddies for their long run from Särö to Gothenburg on Saturday. So I might just change my mind if I, by some weird twist of fate, wake up on the morning of the run with unlimited amounts of energy and happy legs. In any case, tomorrow is a rest day.


  1. Men jag, känd från GP, är ju där! :D tråkigt att det känns så där, så blir det ju ibland.

    Håller tummarna för att du kommer ändå...


  2. Sant, det är alltid roligare att springa med en kändis :P

    Jag hoppas att jag känner mig lite mer inspirerad på lördag, och att känningarna i foten försvinner efter vilodagen imorgon. Det skulle vara roligt att springa sträckan igen, särskilt i sådant bra sällskap.