Saturday, 19 February 2011

Now, that's more of a long run!

The bus was late, as usual. I stood there in my running clothes, freezing my butt off, praying to the public transport gods that the bus will come and I won't miss my tram connection to Skatås.

My prayers were answered. Not only did the bus come, I also caught an earlier tram, so that I didn't have to wait in town so long. I got off the tram a stop earlier with plenty of time to spare, and started jogging towards our group's meeting place, about one kilometre away.

If I counted correctly, 15 runners set off in the magnificent (if somewhat cold) weather. Among them, Mia, Hans and Johan, that shared with me the wonderful craziness that was Alingsås – Gothenburg last November.

Amazing sunshine, running in nature. Beat that.

Tricky had planned a route that would take us near my neighbourhood after 11 km. Inexplicably, the first 3-4 km were kind of a struggle. Perhaps it was the cold air that made it feel harder than it really was. In any case, I was reassured by Garmin that my pulse was normal. That, and reminiscing with Mia got me through the first half of the run, whereupon I got the legendary second wind and forgot I was running. Unfortunately by that time we had lost one of the runners, when he twisted his foot on the icy, uneven ground. After a quick discussion, he told us he would walk back to his car, that was thankfully not far away.

Running downhill in Mölndal

Once we reached Mölndal I found myself in familiar territory. We ran past the swimming pool where I train (or where I'm supposed to be training when I'm not being too lazy) and soon I had to leave the group to head home. When I was almost there, I ran past one of the local gyms and was stunned to see that so many people chose to train indoors on such a beautiful, sunny day. The parking lot was full of cars, and so was the street outside the gym.

I just don't get it.

My foot survived 16 kilometres in the end, and I treated it with an ice bath, anti-inflammatory pills and a chocolate muffin. Later this afternoon I'm treating it with a hockey game. I'm really spoiling it, I know, but it deserves it. Don't you think?


  1. Skitbra att foten höll så bra! Nu är du snart tillbaka igen :)

  2. Gott att se att du är på gång igen! Och vilken underbar dag vi fick idag! Jag försöker hålla humöret uppe så gott det går. Ibland går det bättre ibland sämre. Tanken på en solig tur i Skatås får det att knipa lite hjärtat så nu tar jag och bakar mig lite egna chokladmuffins! :)

  3. Karin: Ja, förhoppningsvis fortsätter den att må bra imorgon med. Ses snart på ett långpass? :)

    AKA: Egna chokladmuffins är mycket godare än köpta och perfekta för att hålla humöret uppe!

  4. Jag bara älskar dina bilder. Det ser verkligen ut som "himlen" och får mig att längta till nästa lördag! :)


  5. Tack Mia! Jag hoppas att vädret blir lika fantastiskt på lördag :) Kram!