Wednesday, 22 February 2012


One less-known beneficial aspect of running is that it turns you into a normal human being. It makes you nicer towards people. It should be made into a public service announcement: ”Running – it's not just good for you; it's good for others, too”.

Having worked almost 20 hours within two days, I was tired and cranky when I got home last night. I had forgotten to do things I was supposed to do and just walked around like a zombie, marinating in a blend of misery and misanthropy, and mumbling under my breath about all the injustices in the world. I couldn't attribute my tiredness to anything; after all, I hadn't run since Saturday. But I had reached this important insight while talking to colleagues: I had turned into Scrooge because I hadn't run in days.

I remembered how energised every run leaves me, even when my bones ache and my muscles refuse to bear my weight. My mind is sharp and my heart swells with happiness, and I'm willing to forgive people for all those tiny irritating flaws that otherwise grate on my nerves so much.

What can I say. It's hard being perfect in an imperfect world.

This morning I couldn't wait any longer. My knee has not complained since Sunday, and I had this crazy theory that if I ran in my VFF, then I'd be able to run pain-free. Outside it was windy and the skies were heavy with clouds, so I expected a downpour as soon as I stepped out the door. Still, I couldn't wait to go for a run. I was longing for it, missing it, loving it, warts and all, despite the weather, despite the patches of ice that were still clinging on to the pavement, despite the fact that I was only planning on running a ”short” 5km (oh, short distance, how I took you for granted).

VFF stands, of course, for Very F!#%ing Fantastic. It stands for Love. It stands for Light Steps. I floated a few centimetres above the ground, hips propelling me forward instead of my feet. Every muscle below the knees was as relaxed as a wet noodle. I was ecstatic and a little surprised that I could keep this good running posture and technique for so long. I didn't think I had the strength for it.

I'm still crossing my fingers that this is not just a fluke, and that my knee is ok now. Please hold, please please hold.

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  1. Åh stackare! Jag har klarat mig skadefri än så länge och är väldigt lycklig över det!
    Som du säger så vill hjärtat mer än bena klarar av just nu..
    Jag har i alla fall lyckats pusha gränsen till ca 2.5 mil, vilket är en enorm lycka! (Innan bena dör dvs)
    Jag dog inte direkt igår efter mina 6, men kände att det inte var värt att utmana för mycket. Jag vill räcka till fler pass denna vecka.

    Och din kommentar var nog bland det finaste någon har sagt, för precis så hoppas jag att mina bilder uppfattas. Jag vill helst inte redigera för mycket (är väldigt sparsam med redigeringar), men försköna och bevara ögonblicket. Fånga det andra kanske inte har sett och uppfattat... Så glad om jag kan förmedla det :)