Friday, 3 February 2012

Look at me, being all positive

As I walked through the door, icy tears down my frostbitten cheeks, drooling from my Lungplus and with my jacket covered in snot icicles, I looked sheepishly at J and hoped that I wouldn't have to cite the clause in our marriage contract that said ”for better or for worse”.

It's getting very tiresome, this ice business. Not only do I have to negotiate freezing headwinds when the temperature is -10, but I also risk either breaking a leg or twisting my ankle on the bumpy icy surfaces. The few people who were around to witness this Friday afternoon miracle saw a black-clad ninja tiptoeing on a mirror-like pool of dark ice, while sounding like Darth Vader. Without slipping. Much. And without swearing. Much.

Luckily, for my extraordinary patience and elegant ice-skating display, I was rewarded with a spectacular sunset. The sun was just sinking behind Näset as I ran by the seaside. Heavenly. 


  1. Yay! Ja, du fick mig att minnas att solen faktiskt var det som gjorde mig riktigt glad idag. De var sååå vackert. Fast tyvärr glömde jag bort det ett tag då jag satt hemma och muttrade över att knappt vara svettig... Och att det gick så långsamt!
    Ulting var lösenordet för att posta kommentaren. Kan väl inte bli bättre? :)

  2. Do you have ice bugs or Yak Trax or anything like that for your shoes? It is the ice that bothers me more than the cold (although I have never run in -10!)- I always layer up anyway but the pavements get so slippery.