Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Miss Shaman's feeling for snow

Tired to the core, tired to my bones and tired of the ice that's spread like a parasite over the whole area, I reluctantly went out for a long run. I waited until the sun started coming up and took my mp3 player with me, trying to find some motivation to hit the same old route I run every Wednesday.

I headed off to run it in the other direction for a change. With the sun on my face, good music in my ears, singing along under my breath and taking in the beautiful scenery by the sea (completely mesmerized by the patterns made on the sea surface by ice patches), I started enjoying it. Then suddenly my mp3-player died, 3 km into the run. 


I really tried to see the fun side. The fleeting warmth on my black clothes when the sun, still low on the horizon, managed to break through the trees. The pastel sky colours reflected on the sea. The cool, crispy ai- oh, wait. That's right. It was -8 degrees and I had forgotten to take my Lungplus with me, making each breath a struggle. My throat doesn't seem to like it when it gets colder than -5 or so. Especially when I have to breathe that cool, crispy air for 21 km.

Couple that with the uneven bumps of ice on the pavement and with not being able to run on the ice-free roads because, you know, I'm deathly allergic to getting run over by cars, and you can probably understand why I couldn't wait to get home. Oh how I long for a warm, fragrant spring day on soft forest paths.

Yesterday's resolution to focus on the good things didn't last long, did it?

1 comment:

  1. Haha (förlåt)! Nä, man får faktiskt deppa ihop och komma igen, gång på gång!
    Ibland är det bara så jobbigt!
    Jag har lyckats undvika alla kalla dagar (aldrig kallare än -5). Hoppas jag slipper det eländet!
    Lite vår nu vore skönt. Kvittrande fåglar, värmande sol!
    Kram och tack själv för pepp!

    (Ulting var väl bra password! Du är ju en "ulting"... - måste vara slang för ultra)