Wednesday, 28 March 2012

My day so far (written at 6 am)

04.00: Neighbour's alarm clock goes off. In my half-asleep state I try to switch my own clock off, pull some cords out of the socket, but it doesn't help. After a minute, the alarm stops.

04.07: Cat number 1 visits the litter box that's so conveniently placed in the bathroom right opposite our bedroom, where the acoustics are great. Digs in the litter box. Wakes me up.

04.15: Neighbour's alarm clock goes off again. Beep-beep-beep-beep-beep. I still haven't figured out that it's not my alarm clock. Still half-asleep, some previously uncharted part of my brain comes up with the theory that my alarm clock is picking up radio signals from the table lamp. I try pulling the lamp cord out, realise it's already out. Fumble with the clock, try to place it on the floor where I at least can't see it, realise its cord is too short, give up. After a minute, the alarm stops.

04.24: Cat jumps on the bed. Wakes me up.

04.30: Neighbour's alarm clock goes off. Now I know that I can't do anything about it. Count the seconds. After 60 seconds, the alarm stops. I change sides on my pillow.

04.38: Someone somewhere in the building slams a door. Wakes me up.

04.47: Someone somewhere in the building flushes their toilet. Wakes me up.

04.53: Cat number 2 visits the litter box. Digs in the litter box, then on the adjacent, slightly loose-walled metal short side of the bath tub. Wakes me up.

04.59: Said cat comes into the bedroom, jumps onto a chair and by doing so dislodges bits of sand crystal that have gotten caught in his paws when he was in the litter box, sending them flying all over our bedroom floor. That is the last straw. I give up trying to go back to sleep, get up and make some breakfast instead. A night of much needed sleep comes to a premature end, only 6 hours after its commencement.

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