Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring forward

Is anyone else suffering from the effects of the clock change yesterday? I woke up with a start this morning when the alarm clock rang, my head aching. I then spent the entire day yawning, and now I'm trying to keep awake another hour or so, so that I can go to bed at a less pensioner-friendly time than 8 o'clock.

Today also meant taking my bike into work for the first time this year. Now I'm aching in all sorts of places. I'm looking forward to incorporating these short bike rides into my training, not because these few kilometres will make a huge difference (they might do my knees some good), but mainly so that I don't have to use the bus any more. I'm probably going to miss my run commute, but on the other hand it will force me to run in the woods more often. As if I need persuading.

I am anxiously waiting for Wednesday to come, so that I can finally test my health and my legs. Have they forgotten how to run? How much of my stamina and strength have I lost? I checked my resting heart rate earlier, because an increased heart rate can mean that there is an infection in the body. I used my Garmin to count that, and it showed a reassuring 53 bpm. That's a bit lower than usual. But because I am a bit sceptical when it comes to my Garmin's ability to determine my heart rate (it tends to lose the connection to the heart rate monitor sometimes), I checked it manually, the old fashioned way, ie by placing my right index finger on my left wrist and counting. The results weren't as reassuring. Almost 60 bmp, a good 4 bpm more than usual.

This will drive me crazy.

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  1. Åh jag förstår att du längtar. I morgon kan du springa igen!
    Min löpning idag får vänta. Fick annat att göra...

    Jag var i närheten av Frankfurt - Kronberg, Eschborn, Niedenhausen, Bad Homburg mm. Otroligt vackert. Jag visste nog inte att Tyskland var så fint.