Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Mirage, meet forest. Forest, meet Mirage.

After 2,5 weeks of running abstinence and withdrawal symptoms, it was finally time to introduce my Mirage to some dirt and my oxygen-starved body to some fresh forest air. I wanted to catch the sunrise, so I headed out at 06.30. Not a soul was to be seen. Not a sound was to be heard, except the sound of my shoes on gravel.

Soon that gravel was replaced by pine needles, and that sound was replaced by birds gossiping in the trees. Wisps of evaporating morning frost laced the forest clearings, and the lakes were painted orange by the rising sun, enchanted. I kept expecting a hand to reach out from the water and hand me a sword. Running in the woods was a primal, pagan way to greet the morning sun.

I let my body find its own comfortable pace, and that today was an easy 6 min/km. My pulse was normal throughout, but I did notice that I've lost some stamina when I ran up the steepest hills. That was only to be expected, of course. I'll soon be back on track.

It got easier and easier the furthest I ran. It usually takes me at least 5 km to warm up, and by the time I got home after 10 km I was just starting to get in the flow. All in all, my comeback was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. I couldn't have asked for better weather or lighter legs. It was an hour of blissful well-being.

Now to get on with the rest of my day. It's going to be a very busy one, with appointments in the morning and climbing in the afternoon.


  1. Härligt!!
    Och vad skönt att det inte bara är jag som behöver nästan 5-10 km innan jag kommer in i "the flow"

    Kram och tack för dina rara ord.

  2. Vilka snygga Mirage! Mina är inte alls lika fina (men jag älskar dem ändå). Vilken årsmodell/färg är det där?

  3. Tack! Känns skönt att vara igång igen
    Det stämmer att min ryggsäck tar 15 l. Får plats mer än vad man tror

  4. sv - ;) Tack!

    Och förresten, så härligt med färg på skorna. Mina är... rätt trista, men de gör sitt jobb.