Tuesday, 6 March 2012


So I took the plunge. I counted how many people had entered the race in Skövde and as of this morning there were 124. The limit is 160, so I started feeling the pressure. What if I waited too long and it got full? On the other hand, what if I entered the race and then got sick? I don't think the entry fee is refundable. It never is.

But I entered anyway. My desire to run this race overpowered my stinginess. My plan to survive the biological warfare that is currently taking place at work is this: I shall not take a single breath until Friday afternoon, when I come home. I shall wash my hands thoroughly every time another human being comes close. In fact, no human contact whatsoever. If some bugger tries to breathe on me, I will tackle him/her (while holding my breath). And then I shall wash my hands again. You can't be too careful.

Commence the crossing of fingers now, please!

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