Friday, 6 April 2012

Resolution FAIL

Right before I went to sleep last night, I made a resolution: I'd stay away from any electronic devices for two days. Or one anyway. J bought an Ipad the other day and I've been playing games on it, games where you have to put letters together to form words or where you try to make your friends guess what you're drawing. You know the type.

A side effect of owning an Ipad is the feeling that you're always connected. You can't just switch it off and walk away like you'd do with a stationary PC. Well, you could I suppose, but it's so easy to carry it around, that you can never get away from the damned thing. And while the Internet is great for bringing people closer together, it's also responsible for ditto. It makes it harder to have a quiet moment by yourself. You-just-have-to-check-if-they've-played. Especially if you're under house arrest with a damaged knee. I think it's healthy to take a longer break from the online world sometimes.

So in order to get a quiet moment and maybe do something productive for a change, like, I don't know, bake? Tidy the flat? Read a book? I thought I'd keep away from technology for a day or two. Switch all electronic devices off. Switch myself off. A few hours later I got out of bed, ate some breakfast and turned my computer on. So much for resolutions.

Since then I've been playing with Photoshop. I applied for a course in photo editing in the autumn, just because I like learning new things and I'd love to be better at photography. I also applied for a photography course and a course in Sports psychology. More about the latter some other time. Exciting stuff.

I haven't baked. I haven't read my book. I have tidied the flat, even did some laundry and went shopping for some things we needed, but still: the largest part of the day has been spent in front of the computer. And, guys? Photoshop is hard. Good thing there's a course for it. You can see one of the products from this morning's frenetic activity above. A new banner for the blog. Hey, don't bash me. I'm a beginner.

As to my knee, I'm taking a week off running and contacting a doctor after the weekend. It got much worse yesterday after my feeble attempt at run-walking. Climbing on the other hand went well, although I did wear a knee support and mostly climbed easy routes. But at least I don't feel half-paralysed from the waist down any more.


  1. Ajajaj hoppas du kan få komma till en doktor som KAN och VILL och sedan en sjukgymnast som GÖR MIRAKEL. Tills dess kan jag tänka mig sämre sysselsättning än PS haha! Ren mental träning!

  2. Jag skulle behöva lägga in mig på avvänjningsklinik när det gäller internet. ;-) Skrämmande...
    Exakt var har du ont?