Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A love-hate relationship

I've been having an affair for the past 4 years. My lover seduces me, fills me with joy, makes me feel beautiful, strong, alive. Makes me feel better when I'm down. We go on trips, see new places, meet new people. My heart bursts with happiness when we're together, and I miss our rendezvous when we're apart. I spent my days thinking about my lover and dreaming about all the things we can do together.

But my lover can be cruel. My lover demands my full attention, fills my head with empty promises and then hurts me if I get too close, try too hard or get too careless. I get angry then. I get sad, I get desperate. I want to leave, I want to say goodbye for good.

These are nothing but fleeting moments. I am committed to my lover. Through thick and thin, no matter how many doubts enter my head, no matter how hurt I feel sometimes, we'll always be together. Others might try to break us up, promise they'll never hurt me, swear they'll make me happy. But none of them complete me like my lover. Not climbing, not swimming, not cycling. I only have eyes for my lover, my muse, my friend. My running.


  1. Villen bild!!
    I morgon ska jag ut i spåret igen. Jag förstår din kärlek ;)
    Och krama om mormor lite extra. Det är tungt då man inte får tillfälle igen.
    Kram till dig.

  2. Förstår precis vad du menar... My love is just the same. ;-)