Monday, 9 April 2012

I tried, I really tried...

No matter how much I try, I can't get myself to like yoga. Today was one of approximately three times per year when I force myself to give it a try again. I changed into more comfortable clothes, spread my yoga mat on the living room floor and popped the Power Yoga dvd into the player. Time for alternative training.

The first ten minutes were spent in the lotus position, breathing. Then it was really hard for about fifteen minutes, because I have no upper body strength. Then I kept falling over for the next ten minutes, because apparently my balance has gotten much worse since the last time I did yoga (although I've been practising on the balance board every time I do strength exercises). And then I spent another ten minutes lying on my back, breathing.

I got off the mat dizzy. Yoga has that effect on me too. How can I find something so intense and difficult (well, at least when I'm not just lying on my back, breathing) boring? I dreamt of punching and kicking a bag instead. Maybe there's my answer. I need to do things that are That's not the right word. Powerful? Kick-ass? My thoughts have a tendency to wander when I do yoga. I realise that one of the purposes of yoga is to help you focus, but I'm too attention-deficient for that. I need action!

My knee has been off diclofenac since the last application Saturday night. I can't say that I can feel a difference, but then again I have been resting. I'm booking an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. I realised that I might have to miss Göteborgsvarvet.


  1. Tänk om vi skulle ses på en plätt vid havet i sommar för lite utomhusyoga?

    Ge inte upp varvet än...

  2. åh, jobbigt! Men yoga med AKA vore väl något.

    Och håller med, ge inte upp varvet. Jag känner så med maran, men fasen heller.
    Var så trött igår och tänkte att nej, jag får sälja min biljett, men jag skaaaa!
    Nu har jag inte någon skada, bara normala känningar. Visserligen oroar fötterna mig ibland, men jag tror att det ger sig.

    Kramar och pepp! Hoppas du får bra hjälp i morgon!