Sunday, 1 April 2012

April 1st is not funny in any way

Yesterday's initial mild irritation at not being able to complete my run developed into full-blown resignation and a rotten mood. I failed to mention a little detail about how my run ended. After I took the bus home and got off, I saw a connecting bus coming that would take me even closer to where I live, so I ran for it. As soon as I started running, the whole mechanism that makes my legs move seemed to fall apart and I felt something in my right knee.

Soon after I first started running four years ago, I had to take a very long leave of absence from it because of runner's knee. I now recognised the symptoms immediately. No pain, but rather a stiffness of the ITB when I bend the knee, that was probably caused by not stretching directly after my run and running relatively fast to catch the bus on very tired legs.

Add a few more days' rest to what has been a month-long streak of involuntary rest days and you can see why I'm so fed up, so disappointed. Running means freedom for me. If I can't run...well, you can figure the rest out.

In other news, it's a sad day for the running community. Caballo Blanco, aka Micah True, an ultrarunner that was prominently featured in Christopher McDougall's book ”Born to run”, was found dead in New Mexico. He was out on a run and went missing four days ago. People, make sure to always tell someone where you're running if you're heading out alone, especially if you run in deserted places. Stay safe out there.


  1. Ja, det tänker jag ofta på... Att man ska säga VAR man springer. Lite läskigt sånt där.
    Ska ut i spåren snart.
    Ha en fin dag (snön är borta nu)

  2. Hallojs! Hoppas att du får en bra 1a April ;) Lust att följas via bloglovin? (a) KRAM